Thursday, 26 May 2011

Brasschaat CC - May 29th

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Expect a small lead group out of the swim lead by Varga (SVK) and including Luis (FRA), Le Corre (FRA) and perhaps Salvisberg (SUI).

Onto the flat bike this group will likely not have the fire power required to stay away from the large motivated (30+) group chasing from 45''ish behind. Rouault's (FRA) position out of the swim will directly affect this main packs motivation at the early bike stages. Once the group catches the leaders, expect some attacks before T2 with perhaps a break including some native belgians wanting to please the crowd.

If Rouault(FRA) can make the group, this should be his or Luis (FRA) race to win. Strong results from Unger and Loeschke (GER), McNamee (GBR), and a dark horses in Aernouts (BEL) Diemunsch (FRA) could also play out on the podium steps.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Ixtapa CC - May 28th

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The race will begin with a swimmers swim entering from a beach start into significant surf and choppy water past the break. Expect Meija (MEX) and Stewart (CAN) to lead the 1 loop swim and exit with perhaps a small gap on the main group likely containing 10-15 guys. The largest pack will be a bit further behind that, perhaps 30s. The swim exit will be important and could make up lost time in the swim if a timely wave is caught and a strong runout to the 500m T2 is made.

Onto the bike the field boasts some decent riders. Depending on their swims Croes (BEL), Serrano (MEX) and Garza (MEX) will either be leading the charge of the main with a few Canadians (McMahon, Jones, Bird) or closing the chase gap. The course is a two lap affair with rolling, bumpy terrain. If the lead group can get out of site quickly the potential for a sizeable gap into T2 is favourable as in past years.

The 4 lap run will bring hot conditions, but with shade. The running capabilities in the race are fairly even with the edge going to Huerta (USA) in the expected weather. Huerta's (USA) position off the bike is uncertain and adds another dimension to the races tactics and strategy that will unfold.

The podium looks to have a multi-nation flavor to it with an American,Mexican, and Canadian taking the hardware in any order.


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